Figure 10; 2018 Comparison of Taxes on a $400,000 Home -

How Owen Sound Home Taxes Compare with other Ontario Municipalities
Figure 10 shows the real impact of high taxes that result from multiple years of excessive expense growth on a $400,000 home, in comparison to other municipalities. For example, people moving to this area from out of province may be influenced by property taxes when considering homes in Owen Sound, Georgian Bluffs or Meaford. We can see above that anyone choosing to live in Midland would save $1,176 per year over what they would pay in Owen Sound. Better still they would save $2004 a year if they lived in Collingwood.  There is no doubt that Owen Sound taxes are the highest in the area.  High taxes are one reason why Owen Sound seems to be slowly declining in many aspects a deteriorating downtown core with empty storefronts for example.